Wednesday, 29 July 2009

My favourite prints from Alexander Henry's Autumn 09 Folkloric Range - Coming Soon!

Azucar, pretty sugar skulls with glittery bits!

Cute Piñatas, I really love this one, it would make a great fabric to brighten up kid's rooms.

And finally, what's not to love about Señor Burrito?

Hoping to have these prints in my eBay shop as soon as they are available, they currently have a vague ship date of June - August, so hopefully not too much longer to wait.

Based in Burbank, California Alexander Henry Fabrics lead the industry with its cutting- edge, conversational print designs. They introduce new collections twice a year and although their collection is vast, I stick with just the Folkloric range as this fits nicely into my Mexicana collection.


  1. I just ordered some of the black glitter Azucar print -- I feel like I've been waiting forever for it to come out.

    I really wish Alexander Henry would reprint the Loteria fabric from the collection!

  2. **whooosh** runs off to order some myself before it sells out! Thanks for the heads up. I feel the same about the Loteria fabric too, and I loved the Cabezas print as well. Maybe we need to start a petition!