Thursday, 10 December 2009

Stash of handtinted postcards from 60s & 70s, a treasure trove of saints

I bought a bundle of 100 beautiful vintage postcards recently which were originally printed and then handtinted during the 60s & 70s. According to the person I purchased from they were sold by street vendors to people visiting the Virgin of Guadalupe Shrine outside Mexico City. Well lucky for me that a couple of boxes must have got stuck behind a cupboard somewhere and have just recently come to light. I have a small stash of these at the moment which had just five Virgin of Guadalupe images which pretty much sold out immediately, although I think there might still be one left in the shop. I am selling these individually at the moment, getting them listed when I can and will be putting together some sets to sell together as well. I am scanning in each image as a high resolution file each time I list with a plan to put together the best of them and maybe use them on something in the future, not sure what, maybe some bright ideas will come to me over the festive break and my upcoming trip to Mexico in January!