Monday, 15 June 2009

Our Lady, a bejewelled beauty!

Staying on the subject of my favourite saint, here is another gorgeous item that arrived in a recent goody box full of new saintly items. Although I'm not particularly crafty myself, I hope others that have an eye for these things can see the potential for this wonderful sequinned applique featuring a printed image of the Virgin of Guadalupe with her cloak and aura beautifully sequinned and beaded with a final flourish of pretty roses surrounding her. A lovely thing for arts and craft projects and well, just perfect for anything you would like to sparkle! It is huge, measuring approx 19cms / 7.5" inches length x 14cms / 5.5" inches width. More from my goody box of all things saintly another time.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A glittery globe of Guadalupe blessings!

Gorgeous, sparkley and saintly! Mexico's much loved patron Saint, the Virgin of Guadalupe has already gathered a cult following in America's southwest and southern california and now it seems that religious kitsch collectors in Europe are taking the lovely lady to their hearts. I am increasing my Virgin offerings this year, and one of my absolute favourites so far is this mini snow globe key fob depicting the scene of Our Lady's visitation to Juan Diego surrounded by gold coins and bright red hearts and of course a snow storm of glitter! Religious kitsch at its best.