Friday, 24 July 2009

I totally love this and wish someone would design one for me

I really, really need someone to design a logo for my shop, Between The Trees. I love the vintage tattoo imagery but with day of the dead sugar skulls, pretty milagro hearts and maybe a cute cameo appearance by Frida Kahlo. Oh and get rid of Neptune and his female sidekick, this is where I want my trees please. Any offers?


  1. Hey I can design one for you!
    I'm a previous customer(bought a throw, mexican paper frieze etc for my vw campervan)
    Take a look at my website(s) to get an idea of my style, etc, but bear in mind still building sites, so work in progress lol:


  2. hi my name is karen and i'm an Artist i would love to design a logo for you, have a look at my website and my blog it sounds like my art is exacty the kind of thing you are looking for!!! contact me at, i have lots of new tattoo/heart /sparrow inspired designs which aren't on there yet, but my frida kahlo and Day of the Dead ones are... look forward to hearing from you!

  3. Wow! What a coincidence, I was visiting your blog this morning before I saw your post and left a comment asking if you might be interested in collaboarting on some brand design work! I will be in touch!

  4. Great, i look forward to hearing from you!