Friday, 1 May 2009

Swine Flu Update from Mexican hammock capital, Merida

My first hammock order of the season went in about 10 days ago, and on Saturday I emailed my supplier who is based out of Merida, the hammock capital of Mexico. It was a polite note asking when shipment should be due and letting them know my thoughts were with them as the news of swine flu started spreading through the global media.

His reply was confident and upbeat, swine flu wasn't going to be a problem, the media were making too much of it and that it certainly wasn't affecting the south of Mexico at that time.

Sadly as of yesterday, all that changed.

"First of all I would like to tell you about the situation we are living here in Mexico. Since Saturday when I wrote everything was ok, things have grown to become a big problem. We have been committed by the government to close not essential business until next Wed. I hope after that date to be able to ship your order and this global health problem gets better. Very best until then, Constantino."

My supplier is a small business, one of the smaller outfits running out of Merida, I like to work with him because I know he runs his business like one big happy family, making sure his workers get a fair wage for their weaving, and helping them out when bills such as medical costs arise unexpectedly. He often disappears for days at a time to personally collect the hammocks from his weavers who live in the small villages surrounding Merida. I have worked with him now for two years and compared to other suppliers I have tried out, his hammocks are simply the best.

Fingers crossed that time will see this situation resolved and businesses all over Mexico can get back to work, the country just doesn't need anymore strife.

Constantino last summer on a business trip to a small island nr Yucatan called Holbox He went to great pains to let me know that the hammock he is lying in is in fact an old fishing net and not a new style of hammock cord he was developing! Hopefully, the business break he is now experiencing, which is over a weekend and two bank holidays in Mexico anyway, will soon be over and the busiest time of the season can kick off again in earnest!


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