Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Frida goes Shopping!

Imagine what fun it would be going shopping with Frida Kahlo, Mexico's own style icon and modern day trend-setter. Influences of her eclectic folk style and indeed her own iconic image can be found inspiring fashion, folk art and every-day household items. Frida's style and appeal is hot this season and as she can't accompany you personally, then why not do the next best thing and shop with her on your arm. Like Frida, these Mexican market bags are generously sized, colourful and simply gorgeous plus the best excuse a girl's going to get to leave those supermarket 'eco' bags where they belong ie in the broom cupboard. Art doesn't always mean practicality has to be sacrificed! If you don't want to shop with it, then hang it on the wall! I love this hot pink one, but check my shop for more colours and more Frida images. For those with the need for a more saintly approach to shopping, get your hands on your very own Virgin of Guadalupe market bag. Go know you want one.

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