Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Fluttering works of art, now showing in a garden near you!

Now that Spring has finally shown itself and thoughts move to al fresco living (well almost!) what could be more stunning than these wonderful Mexican Papel Picado banners fluttering in the breeze. Perfect for parties and events, store openings or whatever! I have these available in Turquoise, Indigo, Purple, Yellow, Lime and Magenta at the moment.

So beautiful are these paper cuts, I have been tempted to create an art installation by individually framing some of the sheets, who knows, I may even get around to it one day, so watch this space.

I have lots of different designs at the moment, Multicoloured banners, Red or White Amor banners which are fantastic for weddings or events of a romantic nature, and Mexican's style icon, Frida hasn't been left out either. Check out some of the images below ... photography a bit hit and miss, but all the la fiesta!

Large Multicoloured Wedding Papel Picado

Medium White Wedding Amor Papel Picado

Pretty Medium sized 'Spring' Papel Picado

And finally, here's Frida Kahlo's Paintings.. stunning!


  1. these are beautiful! I'm going to send a link to my sister whose having an outdoor wedding in Sept...

  2. Beautiful, I'm marrying October 2011 and SO want to have these at my wedding in N.J. Still deciding on color or white though.
    Great pictures. Thank you for sharing. Do you sell them?

  3. Hi Shannon, yes I do, the more notice you give me the better if it is a banner I am out of stock of at the moment. Check out my store, I am a bit low at the moment as I am awaiting shipments due in a couple of weeks.